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We can help!  Call (316) 794-8922 in Wichita, or (785) 843-2567 in Lawrence - or use the convenient contact form below.
We have helped many people in many ways - and want to help you, too!
We offer a complete set of affordable, cost-effective, and professional services you need to manage your business or home:
  • Income tax preparation and assistance (both business and personal, federal and state)
  • Bookkeeping - complete, or only as needed
  • Setup, customization, and maintenance for QuickBooks Desktop or Online
  • Training (customized, using your data, if desired) for QuickBooks Desktop or Online
  • Troubleshooting, cleanup, and optimization for QuickBooks Desktop or Online
  • ​Queries and reports for QuickBooks Desktop and Online
  • Help with TurboTax (all versions, both federal and state), ProSeries, and Microsoft Office
  • ​Financial analysis, cash-flow management, business planning, and tax planning
  • Payroll (including Forms 940, 941, 943, 944, W-2, 1099-MISC, and state)
  • Sales and use tax (including Forms ST-16, ST-36, CT-10U, etc.)
  • Franchise tax reports (annual reports)
  • Business and management consulting
  • PC training, on or off-site.  Many different subjects!  Free loaners.

We do all ​this:
  • In the convenience of your business or home (or off-site)
  • Seven days a week, 9am - 9pm Central Time (all at the same affordable rate)
  • With caring, highly competent, and professional service.

Our friendly client-service staff will help find the best methods and solutions for you.  We truly care, because your success is our success!

 "Frequent accounting makes for long friendships."

      - Friar Lucas Pacioli, first published accounting author, 1494.

 So very true today as well!  Call (316) 794-8922 or (785) 843-2567.

We come (if you wish) to your business or home!  We serve clients from Oklahoma City to Kansas City and everywhere in between.